I was asked to create a logo for ethical fashion bracelet company, Kord. These bracelets are created from recycled plastic and donate a cut of profits to ocean preservation.

I experimented with creating an icon that could be made by looping a piece of the recycled material over itself. This lead perfectly into designing a heart symbol, as this is a company that really cares about their impact in the world.

After some discussions and refining, we decided to go with a different route and instead focus on making a symbol from the 'K', of the brand name so that it could be easily incorporated into a logotype.

Colour Palette

When it came to colour the first colour we went to was blue, to embrace their connection to the sea. However Kord didn't want to be too obvious, so while we decided to still use blue within the colour palette we went with a vivid yellow that contrasts it perfectly and could be used alongside the blues we loved.

The result is a bright, vivid palette that embraces the two sides of the company, their love for the ocean and their progressive attitude towards products.

To show off the final logo I incorporated the logo into a number of real world situations to bring it to life!