Motion Array

UI, Branding & Web Design

I've been working with Motion Array since 2016, in that time I've helped them create and refine their product, launch new features and build their brand from the ground up.


My first project with Motion Array was to help them create a memorable, fun logo that can be used on their site and all their marketing materials. They knew what they liked, but needed help in bringing their ideas to life.

I started by working with them to expand upon these ideas and create a moodboard, from there, we moved into initial sketches.

Once a direction had been established, we discussed and refined and were able to create a logotype they fell in love with.

When it came to colour, Motion Array were keen to create a brand that was bold and really embraced the creative nature of their business. I designed a colour palette that they were able to use to represent various aspects of their site and create clear contrasting call to actions.

Site Design

Motion Array has been through various iterations of their marketing site, most recently adding two new features (portfolio and review). My focus has always been to work with them and ensure their brand remains fun and engaging.

I used a mix of iconography and photography to bring focus to various key areas of their site, while ensuring the site is always easy to browse, even as their platform scaled to hundreds of thousands of users.

UI Design

Motion Array recently expanded their offering to their members creating two of their own products. The first, Portfolio is an easy-to-use portfolio builder for video creators and the second is a client review area, for creators to share their progress and discuss changes with their clients.

I helped them design the user interface for both of these, using their existing MVP prototype as a base, I created several components for them to allow them to quickly build out the interface and get to market.