App UI & Branding Design

Outgoings is a work-in-progress project, created with my pals at No Divide.

We wanted to create a little progressive web app that solved a problem we all had internally. The purpose of this app is to help people manage their regular outgoings, such as direct debits, standing orders and subscriptions.

The idea is in it's early stages, but it has been a fun project to work on. I am responsible for every aspect of the design, from initial wireframes, through to UI design, prototyping and branding.


We knew what we wanted to achieve with this app, but we were keen to not make the application mundane to use. We focussed heavily on creating an intuitive user on-boarding flow that guided the user through creating their first outgoing, step by step.

I did this early prototyping by creating lo-fi wireframes and sharing this with my team mates and family and friends. This gave us some invaluable feedback on how we could simplify even further, getting the flow right, before moving onto hi-fidelity designs.

Below is a selection of the key wireframes I created.

UI Design

Once we were happy with the user flow I created the hi-fidelity designs, combining a bold colour palette I'd designed with a soft typeface and little subtle touches to bring depth to the design.


I wanted to create a brand that was colourful and bold in it's use of colour, simple in it's iconography and easily recognisable.