Various UI

User Interface & App Design

Below you'll find a selection of various UI projects I've worked on recently. These projects might not have a full case study for them, but hey, even the little projects deserve love, right?

Tides App

Last year I decided I wanted to give Sketch a go, after hearing so many great things about it and becoming more frustrated with Photoshop, it seemed like the right time to try something new.

I set myself a short deadline and got to work designing a little tide app, super helpful for a surfer like myself.

Purposely bold in style, this was a fun challenge and it's safe to say, I never looked back at Photoshop again.

Forum Design

[Redacted client] asked me to help them prototype a re-design of their forum.

They were completely open to new ideas and gave complete freedom, what we came up with was a much simpler UI with a clear navigation structure.

Travel App

I was asked by [redacted client name] to help them take their travel app idea and make it a reality.

They had a number of pre-determined locations and a TON of really helpful content, my job was to make it easy to navigate around and find all this great content easily.

Paired up with a strong colour palette and great photography, what we came up with was a fantastic prototype for them to implement and launch.

SÜFA - A concept for Net Magazine

I was asked by Net Magazine to participate in their "Design Challenge" (issue 291).

SÜFA is a premium furniture store that specialises in unique items made by designers from all over the world. I wanted to focus on discovery, so the platform would be mainly focussed on using search to find products. This could be done using a variety of search terms, such as ‘sofa’, ‘Swedish’, ‘blue’ that would then return items based around those terms.

Along with search I wanted there to be a simple ‘browse collections’ function which would allow the customer to browse specific items such as Sofas, Chairs, Tables and more with further refinement being done via search and filtering.

I used bold colours and photography to really bring a fun and energetic feel to the site.

Note: Images were provided by for publication in this issue.

Countdown App

I was asked by Holiday Extras to help re-design their popular countdown application.

The main goals were to improve the creation of a new countdown, create a more visually impactful design and allow for better navigation between countdowns.

I designed and prototyped this app, which was later implemented by the internal team and has been very well received in the App Store.